Double Reduction Design in Drive Axle

1. The gear capacity in coast condition is over 40% bigger than single reduction of axle,  which improves energy comsumption and increases the operation mileage. 

2. Double Reduction: Max. output torque is 46000Nm,increasing over 30% compared to single reduction

3. Effectively reducing the floor height and significantly improving vehicle operation efficiency

4. GK axle B10 life is up to 1 million km

5. Grinded helical gears achieved lower noise levels by 100% NVH EoL test.


     The lifetime maintenance-free hub bearing

         GK adopts advanced THU2 hub bearing technology (Gen 2 hub bearing unit) , significantly reducing operating costs and maintenance time.     

GK Axles can reach 1000,000Km proven by testing
       1. Max. working capability of axle as followings:

      2. Test Torque of coast condition is 90% of driving conditionwhich is the key factor for axle performance and life-cycle, especially for EV application.
        * RemarkThis value is the traction torque required for a vehicle with a full load of 28 tons on a slope of 19.5


Customer-oriented,serve the green transport

1. Over 30 years application experience with tens of thousands of low-floor axle buses in Europe, America and China. 

2. GK axle can cover all 7-18 meter low floor, low entrance, double deck and articulated bus application. 

3. Thanks to the lifetime maintenance-free hub bearing, no additional re-lubrication required during the axle whole life cycle, significantly reducing operating costs and maintenance time. 

4. Double reduction design (central & side] improves the power & torque capability of the axle.

5. Lower noise levels are achieved thanks to grinded helical gears. 100% noise and vibration test on all our axles

6. By our quality process we ensure that every axle we deliver is safe, reliable, and quiet during operation. 

7. Axle Light Weight design satisfies design requirement of bus light weight and long driving lineage




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